Above. Mona Omrani at IWM2022

Below. Patricia Guzman at IWM in May 2022

Below. Mona Omrani. May 2022




Mona Omrani is a Master Watercolourist and one of the World's leading Automotive Painting demonstrators.

The Biennial INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOUR MASTERS Exhibition is held for two weeks in May once every two years. It is a massive event, Britain's biggest single watercolour show, and biggest watercolour exhibition in the British Isles in a number of areas; the number of countries represented, numbers of international masters, footfall, public engagement, and sales of watercolours. These factors combined, as well as its award wining curation and its organisation, make this one of the premier watercolour painting events in the world, not just the UK. It is two weeks filled with masterclasses and demonstrations by some of the world's greatest living watercolour painters. It has become the first global platform in the UK for international watercolour painters to meet each other, as well as the public. Although the visiting artists usually have extensive global travel behind them, IWM is often their first visit to the UK. IWM2024 is a registered brand, owned by the internationally renowned English watercolour master, David Poxon. "International Watercolour Masters" has become a global brand. 

Italian master Pascalino Fracasso.  

In 2024 I will demonstrate complete detailed landscape and seascape paintings. This will be for all levels, including beginners, but if you are an experienced watercolourist or even a professional, I can promise something for you too. My masterclass will cover landscape and seascape painting. There will be two thoroughly prepared stand-alone projects enabling the completion of realist watercolours of a River Scene, and a golden tidal scene, covering special techniques for these paintings and more.


My 3 day masterclass in 2022. In 2024 we will be doing two simple watercolours and special techniques.  

My 2022 three-day workshops were held at the National Sports Centre, Lilleshall Hall, Telford. 


Many global masters attended, exhibited, demonstrated and ran masterclasses. Some had waited years for this chance to meet these masters. Even with predicted high numbers, the national sports centre was taken by surprise at the numbers. Nevertheless, despite it being a new experience, the venue operators excelled. They were more than capable of giving these large numbers space, somewhere to sit down, and provide many facilities including free parking. With vast traditional gardens to wander, David Poxon's wisdom in selecting this venue was vindicated. The national sports centre is a beautiful location with easy access from the whole of the UK, and was able to comfortably absorb higher than predicted numbers of people arriving from every corner of the UK and around the world.


On a personal note, I witnessed Eudes Correia running a class, with maybe six or more of the students doing figurative paintings to the UK national standard for professional figurative painters. It was quite an extraordinary sight. My own classes are already getting rapidly filled, at time of writing this on March the 8th, 2023.   

I have worked with many of these painters in Asia, China and other countries but with the exception of Michal Jasiewicz, I have never seen any of them in the UK.  To see so many, one after the other, without having to get on a long-haul flight, was amazing. I have been shown so much hospitality around the world, and now I had the chance to reciprocate.

It was a tremendous occasion, one of the best in my working life. The organisation was superb. Thank you, David Poxon!


David Poxon, Global Watercolour Master exhibiting in many countries. The creative inventor of International Watercolour Masters. The term "International Watercolour Masters" belongs to the organisers of the exhibitions held under this title. The International Watercolour Masters Exhibition is one of the largest watercolour exhibitions in the western world and one of the most prestigious globally.


It is an international watercolour event held in the British Isles with award winning curation dedicated to exhibiting the best global watercolour works. Masters from every corner of the globe exhibit, teach, demonstrate and meet everyone at Britain's premier watercolour event of 2022. As well as exhibiting established masters, the Exhibition actively seeks to showcase new talent through open competitions and display placea in the Exhibition alongside the 42 global masters present at International Watercolour Masters 2022.


I will appear at the International Watercolour Masters 2024.

Joe Dowden 

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